Saturday, August 9, 2008

in memory...

Brent Hayden Fletcher
June 9, 1958 • June 30, 2008
As it was said so many times on Sunday, "the service was a perfect celebration of Brent's life". My family and I are at a loss for word to express our gratitude to all of you that were able to attend and to all of you who where definitely there in prayer and spirit. To all of you, the biggest  "THANK YOU". 

We have been taking some time to put our final thoughts together in an attempt to close this blog. Each family member has or is writing their final thoughts and we will be posting them by weeks end. As you can imagine, it is so hard to put your love and emotion into words. So I am giving each one of them the time they need. For those of you who were unable to attend the service, a very special friend of mine has taken the time to preserve each blog, comment and email that was sent throughout this journey. My family will have this book to look back on when we just need to be a little closer to Brent. It will also hold the legacy of this man who was called Husband, Dad, Brother and Friend. I also want you to know that Brent became a grandpa when he entered heaven because of a loss that Grant & Jen suffered through a miscarriage in January. Becoming a grandpa was the one goal in life he did not accomplish on earth and of course that goal was completed in heaven. I know that the kids have a great sense of comfort knowing that their baby will be spoiled rotten by Pa Pa. As only God would have it, Brent & I lost our first baby in 1980 and we had the same comfort by knowing that Brent's mom would be taking care of it. She past away 2 months prior to our wedding in March 1979. 

Again, my family thanks each one of you for going on this journey with us, we know that we were stronger because of each one of you.

our love to all of you ...