Wednesday, November 30, 2011

day 10 of 56 - delayed intensification 2

just a short update...

God News...I am now on my last 56 day round of chemo and then I move to the 2 years of of pill form of chemo with once a month visits to COH. Hoot Hoot!

I pray your Thanksgiving holiday was great, my family spent the weekend at the river and the weather was beautiful. We did a little off roading to the desert bar, watched the beautiful sunsets, had a great turkey dinner and the best part was spending time together. 

I have been feeling good, just finished my first week of steroids and that is a bit challenging at times because I am constantly hungry, grrrrrrr! I am off for this week and then have to take them for one more week. This is the round that I did a couple months back, pretty tough. I have 32 days of treatment at COH and a bunch of added medications. One day at a time.

For those of you who haven't seem me, I have officially lost all of my hair for the first time. I am keeping it shaved close because it is still falling out. That last round of chemo really took a toll and I have to admit it is kind of nice because I don't have to shave everyday. It's very slow growing. Of course, all the nurses say, "don't worry, it will come back" easy for them to say, lol.

I'm still having a good time playing pool in tournaments and on the league that I'm on. I have also been able to help out my friend who own the pool hall, doing little runs to pick up things or going out to look at pool tables for sale, to replace the older ones in the hall. 

I would like to wish each of you the best of blessings for the holiday and not to forget the reason for the season. Jesus!

until next time...