Wednesday, September 3, 2008

memorial coin...

When I visit this site for some sense of comfort and reality, I realize that based on the "visit counter" at the bottom, I am not alone. So I began thinking about how Brent would want to close this journey and I realized that it would be best for me to use the words that he wrote and had read at his Celebration Service.

My Final Snapshot

How does a person begin to start their own final message to his friend’s. I so much wanted this to record this in my voice but God had other plans, I want to express the importance that faith has played in my life. So this final snapshot will be my opportunity to express my final thoughts to my family and friends. 

You see this life journey began for me when I realized, at age 7, there was a literal heaven and hell and as a 7 year old I have to tell you, it was frightening. Then as it was explained to me it became less frightening because I realized that there was a way for me to spend my entire life after death in heaven. Even at the age of 7 is was an easy choice for me, I chose heaven over hell. I trust that every single person in this room has or will make this choice because here is the best part, God has given a free gift, a free pass if you will, to spend eternity in heaven with Him. 

I will make this a simple as possible, the bible says (scripture) If you believe in your heart and confess in your mouth, that Jesus is Lord, you will be saved. Sounds complicated, but it is not. If you will believe that Jesus Christ was sent to earth to pay the price for our sin, the sins of those that came before you and those who will come after, you will be saved and spend eternity in heaven. It doesn’t say anything about if you attend church regularly, if you quit smoking, if you clean up your vocabulary… it just says believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord of my life. Maybe it is easier to understand in todays terms, you are asking God to be the manager of your life, the one that can give you direction when you need direction, hope when you need hope and comfort in days like today.

So since I get the final words today and these are my final thoughts, I want us to pause right now and for you to pray this prayer with me because quite honestly if any of you end not showing up in heaven when it’s your time, I am really going to be upset. I want every one of my loved ones, friends and co-workers to spend eternity with me. It’s just this simple, right there where you sit pray this prayer.

“Father, I acknowledge that I want to spend my eternity in heaven with you, I choose heaven over hell. I believe that you sent your son Jesus Christ to bear my sins and to free me of those and that is what makes it possible for me to spend eternity in heaven with you, I accept this gift you given me, come into my life and be the manager of my life. Thank you for this free gift. AMEN."

So here is what I am expecting Gang, there is not a person in this room or within earshot of the message that won’t be joining me in heaven for eternity.


Our first relationship is the one that we have with God or the vertical relationship.

"Love the Lord God, with all your heart, with all your soul, 

with all your strength and with all your mind"

Our second relationship is the one that we have with each other or the horizontal relationship.

"Love your neighbor as yourself"

Luke 10:27


Brent & I designed this coin together and it was his
wish that everyone who walked this journey with
us would receive one in his memory.

Carry this coin with your change.
It can change your life
and change the lives of those
you love...

From our hearts...
To yours,
                                      Jayne & family


This coin has been sent to everyone that attended Brent's Celebration Service and to everyone that we had contact information for from this blog. If you would like one of these coins please send an email with your name and address and it would be our privilege to send one to you. 

see you soon...